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Cinema Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Reach your customers directly, then engage them

Why Facebook Messenger?

Let’s find out

It’s so simple to use yet extremely powerful

  • text-based interface
  • supports quick replies and buttons
  • supports rich media formats that can be embedded directly into a conversation

Enormous, still growing number of users

Available on every modern mobile device and any computer connected to the Internet

Clients who use Cinema Bot


Reach your customers directly
Let them order tickets how they want
Engage them with discounts, promotional campaigns, and weekly premieres

Let’s see how Cinema Chatbot works

Tickets for movies

Offer featured movies. Let users browse by a day or a genre. Respond to complex queries

Tickets for events

Let users order tickets for any events you host, like concerts, movie marathons, sports events, operas and much more

Preorder tickets

For most anticipated movies with a special purchase flow

Movie premieres Newsletter

Send weekly repertoire to promote the best movies and keep users engaged

Reliable Solution

We believe in fundamentals, performance, and simplicity

Why our solution works so well?

Handles arbitrary large traffic
It scales along with the incoming traffic and
uses Google Cloud architecture.
Extremely easy integration and setup
Most cinemas that already sell tickets online can benefit from our solution. It only requires a simple setup and adjustment to the individual needs of the brand.
Transparent data synchronization
– bot synchronizes its data with cinema’s system
– synchronization in the background
– it doesn’t affect the users
– causes no latency
– runs periodically as often as needed

Talks natural language

Of your choice

Messenger allows our clients to make transactions and get information in a place where they spend most of their time.

Wojciech Szymczyk – Digital & CVM Manager Multikino S.A.

Do you represent a cinema or cooperate with one?

Sell tickets, engage customers & do much more – via Facebook Messenger