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We created first cinema chatbot in Europe.

Multikino – one of the largest, the most famous cinema chain in Poland and part of Vue Cinemas – has a huge fanpage on the Facebook, currently bringing together more than 809 000 people.

We begin with the commerce. The chat-commerce. Bot helps in choosing the movie and in purchasing the tickets. It conducts a conversation with the users allowing them to find a movie screening, watch the trailer, and recommends the best films to the most indecisive ones.

It was the first project of its kind in Poland and the first cinema bot in Europe. Thanks to the conversation it supports the entire process of ordering the tickets in a manner similar to that at the cinema box office.



Unique Users
since January 2017

Ask Multikino Chatbot about today’s comedies.

You can ask Multikino Chatbot about a specific movie genre, screenings being displayed on a selected day, for a specific title or production, which are recommended by other movie fans. In order for the bot to give to the speaker an interesting repertoire it is enough to write on Messenger: I want to watch a comedy today. It’s all aimed at reducing the time needed to order the movie tickets.

Engage Users

Since the launch of the chatbot on the official Multikino Polska profile, we have seen a steady increase in sales and user activity. However, after we implemented Subscription for movie premieres and Promotions functionalities, transactions have skyrocketed.

CinemaBot for Multikino distributed over 120 000 weekly promotional codes (since June 2017) with 70% of their realization in the cinema.

Messenger is ideal environment for conducting promotional activities and engaging users.

Total Redirected Transactions in %

Large Scale

We have reviewed our solutions on a large scale and under heavy load – they are fast, efficient and faultless – which is very important for the characteristics of this channel and its users.



Exchanged Messages

Cinema Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Multikino uses our licensed software CinemaBot. They reach their clients directly and engage them via Messenger.

Check out how Multikinos chatbot works

You need a Facebook Messenger account. Available in Polish.