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Thousands of happy bellies.

Writing to Pizza Hut you order food in a natural way, same as at the table in a restaurant.

With one exception, you use Messenger e.g. on a couch, at a party with group of your friends

  • in an incredibly simple way you choose exactly which pizza you want, which size and what kind of dough
  • then you just click „send location” or just put it manually
  • you choose payment method
  • and now you get notified about preparation phase and where your snack is

Everything in one window.
Simple, isn’t it?

The most important thing is that our plan and implementation works perfectly and it brings measurable benefits both to the tucking in Pizza Hut community and Pizza Hut itself.

“Main Sales Channel”

The first weeks have shown us that this solution has huge potential to become one of the main sales channel for our brand. Pizza Hut Bot is a modern tool saving time, extremely easy to use and what is most important always by hand. That’s its strength.

Aleksandra Chojnacka
Digital Manager Pizza Hut

Check out how Pizza Hut chatbot works

You need a Facebook Messenger account. Available in Polish.