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What the press are saying

The cinema chain Multikino which has the biggest cinema facebook fanpage in Europe (currently over 810 000 members) launched the first chatbot in Europe. It’s part of a new movement – chat commerce.

Developed by Wroclaw start-up bots help these two great players in sales by… Messenger.

After today’s premiere it is just the Multikino’s bot which I will use as a my first option – in most cases you don’t even have to write anything because bot’s hints are enough to make a decision.

Pizza Hut was the first restaurant in Poland which introduced the possibility of ordering food using Messenger thanks to a special chatbot. In the USA Pizza Hut, Burger King and Dominos have the same options.

Multikino as the first cinema chain in Europe launched bot based on a Messenger platform. So far, on a such large scale only CNN or Wall Street Journal bots have worked.

The first weeks have shown us that this solution has huge potential to become one of the main sales channel for our brand. Pizza Hut Bot is a modern tool saving time, extremely easy to use and what is most important always by hand. That’s its strength.

What our customers say

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